This privacy statement was last updated on 17th January 2024

Talent Fit Indonesia is strongly committed to protecting personal data. This privacy statement describes why and how we collect and use personal data and provides information about individuals’ rights in relation to personal data. It applies to personal data provided to us, both by individuals themselves and by others. We may use personal data provided to us for any of the purposes described in this privacy statement or as otherwise stated at the point of collection. 

As used in this privacy statement, “Talent Fit Indonesia”, “us”, and “we” refer to the Talent Fit Indonesia network that may process your personal information.

This privacy statement also applies to personal data that may be provided to Talent Fit Indonesia, whether by individuals themselves or by others. Talent Fit Indonesia may use personal information for any of the reasons described in this statement or as otherwise stated at the point of data collection.

Talent Fit Indonesia processes personal data for numerous purposes. Our policy is to be transparent about why and how we process personal data.

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To find out more about our specific processing activities, go to our processing activities.

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