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Understanding your current business needs and what will be required in the future

Organization Analytics

Our solutions are highly customised based on client needs and are designed to deliver day-to-day efficiencies as well as long-term strategic advantage through improved HR management.

When it comes to organizational strategy, there’s a lot to rethink. We help you make change happen by building the structures, culture, processes and workforce you need.

We approach it all with data, insights, and tried-and-tested methodologies.

Organization Setting

Set your effective organization structure

To deliver the business strategy, the company needs an organizational structure aligning with its purpose, culture, and operating model.

  • Align your organization around your vision
  • Identify the organizational capabilities needed to execute your strategy
  • Identify the gap between current state and where it needs to be
  • Translate the strategy into an operating model, processes and organization structure underpinned by your purpose and culture
  • Create a practical implementation plan to ensure implementable within organization

Talent & Performance Management

Rise your employee engagement

Re-Shape your Talent Management perspectives end-to-end.

  • Ensuring the Organization’s Execution by methodologies (KPI, BSC, OKR, etc.) to ensure the performance of organizations led by the people and achieve internal parity
  • Build the comprehensive Competency Matrix for the soft-skill and hard-skill
  • Re-shape organization level for a talent career path and ensure your Talents are growing within the organization

Change Management

Change is essential but far from easy. Roughly half of all change management projects—and 75% of large-scale transformations—fail to meet their objectives.

Work-Force Analysis

Plan your manpower Effective and efficiently

Job Analysis & Job Evaluation

Segregate the duties and roles effectively


Organization have to know that understanding your current business needs and what will be required in the future brings insight into the kind of competencies that you need.

We help you consistently and quickly assess internal and external talent using science and research and our experience. The outcome of our work will inform your talent selection, promotion and development decisions.

  • Recruitment need
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership and Professional Assessment

Psychometric Assessment

Hiring could be Easier

Analyzing your candidate or your internal employee with our –always– updated validation tools

Virtual Assessment Competency

You can assess your competency level based on your competency matrix.

Assess the competencies as your own and validate the candidate using our total virtual and systemized assessment competency.

This Assessment is designed based on Assessment Center guidelines set by the Assessment Center Association, only the way to take the data by virtual/online.

Gamification Assessment

Make your assessment Gamified.

Using game as your assessment way and get the Gen-Z attention

Attract, Assess & Hire Talent with Online Gamified Recruitment

Leverage gamified assessment technology to improve your overall candidate experience, employer brand and make better hiring decisions using advanced data-points.


Finding great work for top talent.

The talent acquisition process has become one of the company’s strategic processes for growth and sustainability. Our service is not only acquired talent, but we aim to fulfil your expectations of Talent Acquisitions Functions.

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